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As technology advances, many households are reaping the rewards of upgrading their old and outdated conservatory roofs.

If your conservatory is often torn between being too hot or cold given the unpredictable UK weather, letting in an irritating amount of sound, easily damaged, or you’re simply looking to save on your energy bill, then an insulated conservatory roof could be for you.

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What is conservatory insulation?

Simply put, insulation is a material used to impede the transmission of heat, sound, electricity, or vibration. It’s a barrier that creates a separation between two different environments.

The material can come in several different forms, which we’ll explore later.

Why should I insulate my conservatory?

Conservatories are there to be enjoyed all year round, not just when the weather is ideal for it. Many homeowners go to great lengths to install a conservatory, only to soon realise that the lack of temperature regulation means that in the summer it’s too warm to use, and in the winter it’s too cold. This is due to how easily heat can escape, as the two materials commonly used for conservatories, glass and polycarbonate, are very poor insulators of heat.

Particularly given the rise in people working from home, the additional breakout space is more than welcome, but only if it’s a comfortable environment. This can be achieved with the help of insulation as it limits outside noise, creating a peaceful oasis for you to enjoy. This also applies to play, reading, or however you choose to spend time in your conservatory.

And as we mentioned earlier, an insulated conservatory can save you money in the long run. By keeping the temperature regulated, this can reduce your energy bill as you will use less heating to make it comfortable. Crucially, it will also increase the value of your property overall.

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How can I insulate my conservatory?

Roof Replacements

Roof replacements are the most effective way to achieve the benefits of an insulated conservatory. At Double Glazing Direct, we offer a variety of roof replacements for any structure or shape.

The two most common options are tiled roofs and glass roofs with in-built insulation. Tiled roofs often come in a variety of durable, lightweight, and natural-looking slates, as well as modern metro tiles and striking roof windows. If you’re concerned about the loss of natural light, the glass options will eliminate these fears.

It’s worth noting that planning permission is rarely required for conservatory roof replacements – although in the unlikely scenario that it is, our team can sort that out for you.

Our Guardian solid conservatory roof replacements allow you to upgrade your conservatory with a new or replacement tiled roof, making it an integral part of your property as opposed to a separate space.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is another way to insulate a conservatory.

It provides a steady flow of rising heat from below the ground to fill the entire room.

However, underfloor heating is best used in conjunction with other insulation measures. In some cases, it is not enough alone, as effective insulation requires addressing major heat loss points, such as glass panels and roof panels, or polycarbonate – it can also cause condensation on the windows.

It is also an expensive option, with the installation process a disruptive one – this is particularly the case in existing conservatories. This is as well as an increased heating bill.

Aluminium Foil & Thermal Wadding

A more budget-friendly option would be aluminium foil & thermal wadding. They are two materials often used together for insulation.

The aluminium foil tape is a thin, flexible sheet that layers the wadding. It reflects heat radiation, whilst the wadding is a type of wool that traps air within its fibres.

For roof insulation, you layer this underneath the roof. Although this is effective in summer, it is less so in winter and can be prone to moisture.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that is easy to install, aluminium foil & thermal wadding could well be right for you. However, it is worth considering whether their obvious flaws are much of a long-term issue to you.

Install Thermal Blinds

Another budget-friendly option are thermal blinds, which can often be installed without hiring anyone.

Thermal blinds are window coverings designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency by regulating the temperature inside.

They work by creating a barrier between your windows and the outside environment, preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer – and are also effective in reducing sun glare.

They are typically made from thicker materials such as fabric, PVC, or wood, and can also help to control light levels, sometimes even to blackout levels – however, this may compromise the view and levels of natural light from your conservatory, something which is worth considering.

Conservatory Window Replacement

Most heat in a conservatory is lost through the roof and windows. To combat this, making sure your windows are energy efficient would go a long way to increasing the thermal performance of your conservatory.

If your conservatory is single glazed, upgrading it to double glazing, or if it’s double glazing upgrading it to triple, will have a notable effect on the insulation of your conservatory.

The Verdict

At Double Glazing Direct, we thoroughly recommend opting for a roof replacement if you’re after the best way to insulate a conservatory.

Approaching it with a long-term outlook, the initial investment will save you money on your energy bills and increase your property’s value overall. You can get a free quote on a conservatory roof replacement, or installation, for free on our website.

As well as conservatory roof insulation, we also offer a range of doors, windows, verandas, and much more.

Our friendly team of experts would love to speak with you on 01296 320252. If you’d prefer to discuss options in person and get a more visual impression of any improvements to your home, visitors are always welcome to our Aylesbury showroom.

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