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Conservatories Aylesbury are an incredible asset to any home, adding floods of natural light and extra space into your living area.

One way to unlock the full potential of a conservatory is to ensure the roof is as high a standard as possible.

Many conservatory roofs in the UK are made from either glass or polycarbonate, both of which have flaws.

There are several options available for homeowners looking to upgrade their conservatory roof, an investment that brings benefits such as energy efficiency, noise reduction, and all-year-round use.

This blog will detail those benefits and explore the best possible upgrades for your home.

ultraframe victorian conservatory


How do I know if my conservatory roof needs an upgrade?


One of the major issues with older conservatories is that they are prone to leaking, a problematic factor given the unpredictable British weather.

This, as well as draughts, can be a sign of failing seals or damaged roof materials, which can impact the thermal efficiency of your entire house.

Extreme temperature

If your conservatory is unusable in the winter months due to being too cold or uncomfortably warm in the summer, the chances are that it’s a poor insulator of heat.

In the winter, poor quality, old conservatories may be susceptible to heat loss through the roof, and in the summer they do little to deter the glare from the sun.

Other discomforts

A low-standard glass roof or polycarbonate roof can also lead to other discomforts that have the potential to make the space impractical, such as being a poor insulator of sound, having issues with condensation, or showing visible signs of cracks, mould, or decay.

If you go to the trouble of installing a conservatory, we imagine you don’t want it to go to waste. The best way to ensure this isn’t the case is with a new conservatory roof upgrade.

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What are the benefits of a conservatory roof upgrade?

Energy Efficiency

The first obvious benefit of a replacement conservatory roof is increased energy efficiency. Suppose you opt for an insulated, tiled conservatory roof for example. In that case, you are promised a strong barrier against heat transfer, which works to keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter.

The knock-on effect of this can reduce your reliance on heating appliances such as radiators and electric heaters, as well as cooling devices like air conditioning and fans – saving you money on energy bills too.

Improved thermal performance can transform your conservatory into the versatile space of your dreams, with an almost endless list of potential uses. You can relax there in peace without having to bring a heater or multiple blankets, work there all year round, and children can enjoy the added comfortable space as a separate playroom.

If you’ve invested in a conservatory, it’s only right that you get use out of it all year round, as you do with every other part of your home – something that’s made possible with a new, insulated conservatory roof.

Kerb Appeal

At Double Glazing Direct we have a wide variety of conservatory roof colours to choose from, so we’re confident that you can find the perfect solution for your home.

We have 21 striking shades available, including traditional black, brown, or grey, and more contemporary options such as mulberry or terracotta.

As well as providing a choice of roof colour options, you also have control over the type of glass, with some being more decorative for added privacy, and the more transparent ones excelling in allowing plenty of natural light through.

Our team of experts at Double Glazing Direct can design bespoke roof styles to ensure you get the living space of your dreams, that look good too.

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Increased Value

Whilst upgrading your conservatory is an initial investment, this cost will be reflected with a rise in your home’s value.

Potential buyers appreciate the extra living space and comfort that comes with a conservatory, an attraction that’s ramped up with the potential to reduce energy bills thanks to an insulated conservatory roof.

Environmentally friendly

Lower energy consumption through radiators and heaters translates to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which means you’ll be playing your part in achieving a more sustainable environment.


If your conservatory’s inconsistent temperature regulation, noisiness, and regular leaks are becoming irritating, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is to replace the conservatory entirely.

However, a conservatory roof upgrade can solve all these issues, and doesn’t require a total upheaval of the extension, causing minimal disruption to your home life and saving you money in the process.

slate guardian roof

What are the options to upgrade my conservatory roof?

Insulated Conservatory Roof from Double Glazing Direct

The first potential solution to these problems is to get a tiled insulated conservatory roof.

The insulation materials used in these products trap air in tiny pockets, keeping your desired temperature consistent whilst reducing the need for heating or cooling systems.

The product also has a high-performing vapour control layer.

Available in a range of bespoke finishes whilst avoiding the need for planning permission, enjoy the best of outdoor living with a warm insulated conservatory roof replacement installed by Double Glazing Direct.

large guardian roof conservatory

Guardian Conservatory Replacement Roof from Double Glazing Direct

Available in a wide range of roof styles, whether it’s a steeply pitched Victorian-style conservatory roof replacement or something a bit more modern, we’re confident that our Guardian conservatory roof replacements can breathe new life into your home.

This ‘warm roof’ acts as an integral part of your property rather than a separate space, and is available in a choice of durable, lightweight Guardian slates, natural-look Tapco slates, modern Metrotiles, and Fakro roof windows.

Proven to save you money on energy bills, these solid tiled roofs from Guardian will give you an extension to be proud of.

If you’re interested, you can get a no-obligation quote online for free here.

After picture of a Guardian warm roof location Iver

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