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While many UK homeowners tend to associate extended living spaces solely with the summer months, the truth is that, with the right type of conservatory roof installed, they can routinely be enjoyed all year round. The key to keeping the space warm is picking the best conservatory roof material, and it’s in this department where we at Double Glazing Direct can set the record straight.

Solid, glazed, tiled, or otherwise, a good conservatory roof is one that not only enhances your household’s appearance with an in-keeping aesthetic but one that has been meticulously designed to lock in heat. After all, keeping the space warm with the appropriate roof material and style is what will keep your conservatory forever inviting. So it’s with this in mind that we’ll answer the following question: What is the best material for a conservatory roof?

What is the warmest conservatory roof?

red guardian roof tiles

The simple answer is what’s called the Guardian Conservatory roof. There are lots of reasons why, but the biggest is the fact that each one we install comes fitted to deliver A+ rated energy efficiency as standard, limiting the level of heat loss to its absolute minimum and therefore locking in warmth. With a Guardian roof fitted, your draughty conservatory will be transformed into a stylish and insulated extended living space in a matter of days. No longer will you be fearful of stepping into the cold during winter or suffering from overbearingly hot heat absorption in summer.

How does the Guardian Conservatory roof achieve such impressive temperature regulation? It uses a complex mixture of materials that reduces the amount of unwanted heat transfer, namely rafters, ridges, and wall plates engineered in aluminium, plyboard, a breathable waterproof membrane, and then finally your choice of attractive tiles. All these different layers working together offer a much higher degree of heat retention than your average tiled conservatory roof replacement, hence why in our opinion Guardian is the way to go if you want to enjoy the warmest conservatory roof around.

Lock in your conservatory’s heat, enjoy reduced energy bills

Another reason why the Guardian Conservatory roof is one of the best material choices out there is that its impressive energy efficiency and thermal retention ability also have the potential to reduce energy bills. Think about it: trapping in more heat through the added layers of insulation means relying less on your home’s central heating, in effect saving you money that you would otherwise spend by turning it on. Replacing your conservatory’s existing polycarbonate roof with a Guardian replacement comes at an initial cost, yes, but you’ll more than make this back in the long term.

The Guardian Conservatory roof also needn’t be comprised of just one material either. After all, if you’re a UK homeowner who wants to enjoy generous light entry, the style can also accept double- or triple-glazed roof windows that are equally as insulating. With this choice you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of both a glazed and solid tile roof design, again equipping your extended living space for all temperatures and times of year. Saving money and heat doesn’t mean compromising on practicality with a Guardian Conservatory roof replacement.

A solid conservatory roof solution in a range of styles and finishes

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As well as being the warmest replacement roof style on the market, Guardian conservatories are also one of the most customisable. For many homeowners living across the UK, this alone will make it the best conservatory roof material by far. Your home is an extension of yourself and your own personality, right? So take pride in the fact that we at Double Glazing Direct can install Guardian Conservatory roofs to meet almost any size, shape, and specification – always without sacrificing the material’s inherent heat retention qualities.

Some of the most common conservatory shapes include Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shape, and Lean-to. If yours falls into one of these categories, rest easy knowing that a Guardian Conservatory roof will be more than compatible. However, if your existing conservatory is of a more bespoke design or you intend to have a different shape installed in future, there’s a high chance it’s still possible. Tile colours also range from simple Black, Grey, Mulberry, classic Terracotta, and more, so you’ll be able to enjoy the best style in town.

Warm up your extended living space with conservatory roof replacements from us

If you’re a homeowner based in Aylesbury, Buckingham, High Wycombe, or in any other surrounding area, we at Double Glazing Direct would be happy to treat your new or existing conservatory to the best roof material around: Guardian. It offers all the modern insulation, energy-saving, and style benefits modern homeowners demand, so contact us today for a free quote to discuss things further.

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