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With even more energy price rises forecast from October onwards, there has never been a better time to invest in your home’s thermal efficiency. With up to 40% of household energy wasted through draughty, damaged window frames, while saving the average energy bill around £110 each year, replacing your windows really is the gift that just keeps on giving!

With this in mind, we thought we’d take the time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding window energy ratings right here.

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What’s the difference between A and A+ rated windows?

Window Energy Ratings (WERs) are based on a scale of G to A++; G being the least efficient rating. As two of the best performing window ratings for energy efficiency, the difference between A and A+ rated windows are:

• A-rated windows only let out as much heat as they let in from the outside
• A+ rated windows increase the ability to gain heat from the outside by letting in more heat from the outside than they let out.

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grey flush sash windowsReplacement windows Aylesbury | What is a good energy rating for windows?

To meet Part L of the revised Building Regulations (coming into effect from 15th June 2022), the new minimum energy standard for replacement windows will be a B Window Energy Rating (1.4 W/m²K U-value).

What is the meaning of U-value?

In terms of replacement windows, the U-value indicates how much heat transfers across the window; lower U-values = better insulating performance.

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Which window style is the most energy efficient?

Other than picture windows that are fixed in place and can’t be opened, thanks to the way the sash tightly closes against the frame, casement windows are the most energy efficient window style that can open.

sliding sash windowHow energy efficient are your window products?

• Our practical uPVC windows are capable of achieving A+12 Window Energy Ratings with double glazing such as double glazing Marlow & U-values as low as 0.8 with triple glazing.
• Our slender aluminium windows provide outstanding weather resistance and feature an innovative, ultra-insulating polyamide ‘thermal break’ element; keeping bills low and satisfaction high.
• Our authentic timber-look windows from the Residence Collection have 7-9 insulating chambers, instead of the usual 3-5 chambers. This means they can achieve some of the best energy ratings around.

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Energy efficient replacement windows in Aylesbury & Buckinghamshire

No matter the size of your project or the style of the building, we’re confident our range of high-performance window frames will conserve optimum amounts of warmth and energy for decades to come.

Get a real feel for the quality of our products with a visit to our showroom in Aylesbury, give us a call on 01296 320252, or contact us online to discuss your options further.

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