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Trickle vents, also known as trickle ventilators, are small vents installed in the upper frame of a window. They allow the room to be ventilated even when the window is closed. Some trickle vents can be manually opened and closed while others are permanently open. They allow fresh air to circulate the room, polluted air can escape and condensation is reduced. This is especially important during the winter months when you won’t open your windows and condensation can occur if you dry clothes inside or in humid rooms like the bathroom. This can then increase the risk of mould growth which can be a serious health risk. Trickle vents allow fresh air to ventilate around without you feeling a cold draught. In years gone by, less effective windows would have let ventilation in as would have gaps and cracks in the home, and when these are sealed to improve energy efficiency a source of ventilation is lost.

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Are trickle vents mandatory?

As of June 2022, changes to Building Regulations in England mean that the majority of replacement windows and doors have to be fitted with trickle vents. Exemptions to this include listed buildings and properties in conservation areas – your installer can advise if this applies to you. If you have an alternative form of ventilation that complies with Building Regulations, trickle vents may not be needed.

Do triple glazed windows need trickle vents?

As stated above, all new windows regardless of what type now need trickle vents installed.

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Can trickle vents be added to existing windows?

Trickle vents can be added to existing windows as long as the top of your window frame isn’t too narrow. This involves drilling holes into your window frames. However, if your existing windows are quite old it might be worth considering replacing your windows altogether. Our triple glazed windows offer the best energy rating, as well as insulation from noise and high levels of security. They are ideal if you want the lowest levels of heat loss giving you a comfortable home or if you live near a busy and noisy road.


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